3 Analytical Tools You Should Be Using

3 Analytical Tools You Should Be Using

Top analytical online tools to help boost your SEO, do research before website decisions, and also track website information.

Let’s start with the obvious.

1.Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Use to track and record data that is associated with your site.

Google is taking over the world. Google has basically 75% of the entire share of search queries.

google search engine market share
Reserach by Net Marketshare https://goo.gl/srKTfG


It is the most popular interface for people to find something/anything. Whether that be information, products, or services. So no matter who you are, you should get Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the best way to cover all your bases with tracking page views and users on your site and all the information on them.

That means that they know who is visiting your site, from where, and how many cats they have. I don’t think they get that specific, but they know enough to give you as a business a definite advantage over your ideal customer than someone who isn’t tracking this data. The best part about it is that Google Analytics is free. 101% free.

Take a walk around the free demo account of Google Analytics to get a feel of what kind of information is available to you.

The downside with Google Analytics is that it can be tricky installing different code snippets and managing and understanding the data coming in. Basic implementation can actually go a far ways with data recording. When it comes to e commerce and advertisement campaign tracking, things get pretty technical pretty fast.

When it is all said and done, it is worth it to get Google Analytics installed.

Also important to note is that google is one of those open source types of people that do really good documentation and tutorials.

We encourage everybody to install it into their sites and here at DaVinci, we will help you do it just because we like you. Just contact us and let us know.


SpyFu logo

Use to assess your own SEO or your competitors

SpyFu has a free limited edition that allows you to type in one URL and see what kind of SEO your competitors are doing. If you want to research more you have to pay (I just go back to the first page and refresh and I can usually do more searches), and for in depth measurements of any other site you can pay anywhere from $19 mo. to $300 mo. For the most part the free version will give you the basics and the “need to know” about other sites.

SpyFu home page for competition keyword research
This is what you will see at SpyFu if you searched it around 5/25/2018


When you type in a URL something like this will pop up.

SpyFu dashboard organic v.s. paid keywords and clicks
this is subways taken 5/25/2018

For example, let’s say I’m in the restaurant biz. And I’m starting up Michelangelo’s Beautiful Subs and I’m typing in a competitors URL, you can see on this link what type of paid advertising they are doing vs. organic searches that are coming in.

Which means, hmm, maybe I don’t have to compete with them for certain keywords in paid advertising


maybe I should check out what kind of page they are using for paid advertising since they are only getting organic hits here.

For more information you can even see what keywords are doing well for them and what kind of “click action” they get on a monthly basis.

SpyFu Subway screenshot keywords
in depth view of SpyFu keywords that were in search queries that resulted in visiting this page.


Go ahead and try it at SpyFu.com

3. GT Metrix

GT Metrix can track your website’s speed and overall performance which inherently affects your SEO and overall user experience. I’m sure you could see how that makes sense. The reasons are pretty in depth and technical so I’ll spare you the details, but as far as your concerned, just know that it is important and it should be a priority no matter what.

GT Metrix is just like SpyFu. You enter your URL / competitor’s URL and it will give you a good measure of your speed and performance and after figuring out the issue, google away.

GTmetrix homepage

So as owner of┬áMichelangelo’s Beautiful Subs, I’m gonna check out subway’s page and see how it performs compared to my own. I can see different rankings, calls to the server, and optimization tips.

Oooh ouch. Good news for me is, they haven’t optimized a lot of their java script or image files. Bad news for me, they are still subway. Luckily you can avoid almost any of these speed issues yourself. Again not all of it is under your control, but the least you can do is keep your site in the green or yellow. (I honestly didn’t even know you could do worse than an ‘F’)….

At the end of the day it is just important to keep tabs on your website performance. Do what you can do to speed up your website and don’t have speed be the reason you don’t rank.

For more in-depth information on speed time and google rankings click here.

If you want to learn more about page speed and what you can do to improve it, talk to us and we can help!

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