Personal DaVinci Audit

We personally go through your site and score you depending on its quality.

What Is The DaVinci Audit?

Knowing where you stand in the online world is essential today because more and more people are going to a computer to find you. Their first impression isn’t your store front anymore: it’s a website. With our audit and responses, we empower you with the road map to improve the online experience for your viewers.

We personally review your site to produce a report that scores you in 5 major areas.

design and layout

Design & Layout

From your nav bar to your call to action, you need an organization and flow.

Not only that, but you also need the right combination of fonts, colors, and designs to help your site reflect your brand.

We look at all of these factors and let you know in which areas you need the most help.

accessability keys


With the vast ocean of information at people’s doorsteps, it can be difficult to stand out.

Being accessible in this sense means that you are available and easy to find if people are looking for you.

This includes ranking, page construction, and meta tags..

readability with red books


Some things are easy to read.

And Then There Are Also Some Things That Are Written In A Way So That They Are Very Difficult For Many People To Read.

Having organic, organized, and easy-to-read content will help both your SEO and your customers looking for information.

typewriter content


Whether it’s text, images, or videos, in the electronic world, content equals value.

You may be running a blog, business, or portfolio. But whatever the type of site, the way you present your content to potential customers can be a deciding factor in whether or not they choose you.

functionality with black and red gears


Think of your site as a bridge between your customers and your actual service or product.

Every page should be leveraged to help your business. 

We take into consideration your needs and determine the functionality of your site that would best benefit you..

Personal DaVinci Audit

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